Get a FREE Wind Sensor with Your Purchase of a Motorized Awning in Kawartha Lakes, ON

Awnings can be a tremendous complement to a home in a number of capacities—whether it’s keeping you safe from the harsh sunlight of a hot summer day or keeping at bay a light drizzle that might otherwise send you packing inside until the clouds have passed. But, owning an awning can have its drawbacks and the biggest one by far is wind damage.

Today’s modern awning designs have a number of innovations to combat wind damage, including reinforced materials to protect against warping and emergency retractors that can be manually deployed if the wind kicks up too quickly. Perhaps the best innovation out there, however, is the automatic wind sensor that comes with numerous motorized awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON. This sensor actually detects wind levels that might be unsafe for the awning and serves to automatically retract it to protect it from sudden damage.

A wind sensor is an amazing amenity to be able to rely on if you own an awning and today, when you purchase a motorized awning in Kawartha Lakes, ON from Simply Interiors, we’ll make sure that you get one free! So, not only will you get the convenience of a high quality awning from a reputable manufacturer, sold to you by one of our expert salesmen—you’ll also find yourself with a free gift that’s going to help ensure the lifetime and safety of your awning at no extra charge!

Now more than ever is the time to take advantage of an awning for your home. With the winter weather still upon us, not too many people are thinking about awnings right now, which means you’ll have our full attention and your pick of our inventory when it comes to finding the right awning for your home. Add our free gift to you on top of it all and you’ve got a recipe for a summertime scenario that’s not as far off as you think it might be!

And speaking of summertime scenes, just think about what your home would be like with an awning all set when the warmer temperatures arrive. While everyone else around you is just starting to get their homes open to welcome in the summer weather, you’ll already be basking under the comfort of your new awning!

It’s time to act now, however, because our free wind sensor offer won’t last forever. This is a special for our wintertime customers only and it’s one that will melt away quicker than the snow if you’re not careful to take advantage of it right away. Just give us a call today to consult with one of our knowledgeable professionals about how you can transform your home with an awning today and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to make sure you make a smart investment that’s going to serve your home well for years and year. And, with our free wind sensor gift, you won’t have to worry about a pesky draft running your investment!

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