Are Kawartha Lakes Wood Shutters Appropriate for Your Home?

There’s a lot to consider before investing in one type of shutters or another for your home. Functional aspects, aesthetic complements and budget are all high on the list of priorities, making them prime concerns for any homeowner that’s on the verge of deciding on the right window treatment for their living space. And, when focusing on these factors and others that might play into your decision making process, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of every option in front of you, not just those that seem more or less convenient.

Taking the time to consider each different type of window treatment in turn is often what leads many people to Kawartha Lakes wood shutters. Wood shutters are not typically the go-to option for most homeowners seeking a viable window treatment because there are a lot of perceptions that surround them—higher investment, fewer décor options, limited functionality, etc. But, it’s important to realize that these concerns are not always true and might be a reflection of someone else’s opinion or situation—in reality, Kawartha Lakes wood shutters might just be perfect for you!

How do you evaluate wood shutters as a window treatment option for your home? Simple: by using the above criteria to imagine how they might lend themselves to your living space and understanding the properties that are exclusive to wood as a material:

  • Wood has a calming effect in a home’s interior because we associate it with warmth. Adding wood shutters to your décor will serve to shift the tone of the room to a more subdued one, complementing other wood within the environment or offsetting harsher tones that might be the result of colors or materials.
  • Wood can have a natural or rustic feel to it, depending on the grain and design, so homeowners must be careful to understand that wood shutters can downplay or smother other décor styles that might clash with wood. On the other hand, wood shutters can complement lots of greenery, openness and different types of furniture, adding a key element of design to the space.
  • Thanks to the many grain styles and colors of different wood products, not to mention manufactured wood textures, Kawartha Lakes wood shutters can be highly customized to mesh with a home’s interior. The misconception that wood doesn’t have a palatable range of options is just that: a misconception.

The bottom line is this: Kawartha Lakes wood shutters are a great investment for homeowners who explore all of their window treatment options. While it’s true that these shutters aren’t for everyone—particularly those who prefer non-natural colors or a more modern design—they can be a perfect complement to those homes where there’s a missing link in the décor or a lack of functionality in the window treatment.

Consult with one of the professionals at Simply Interiors today to learn more about if Kawartha Lakes wood shutters are a good fit for your home and all of the options available to you when it comes to picking a style.

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