The Top Four Reasons to Replace Your Window Screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON

If you’re a homeowner that enjoys the versatility and freedom that screens provide for your windows and doors, it might be time to check and make sure that your existing screens are living up to your expectations.

Door and window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON have a tendency to become worn, frayed and even punctured over time, with very little to protect them from the elements. Take a look at four reasons why replacing those screens that have become damaged might be in your best interests before this upcoming fall season arrives:

  1. Keeping bugs out: Your screens do more than just let air flow into your home—they also keep out bugs and other pests that might be trying to sneak their way in! Small rips, tears or openings in a screen can be just the gateway bugs need to get into your home and once they’re in, you’ll have a lot more problems than just patching a hole in the screen!
  2. Improve your aesthetic: If you’ve been trying to salvage your screens for years, against the wear and tear of the elements, it’s likely that you have a patch or two in place where a hole was once repaired. While this might prove to be a temporary solution, in the long run it’s only going to lower the aesthetic value of your home. Replace patched screens as quickly as you can, to preserve the integrity of your aesthetic.
  3. Keeping pets in: Just like a hole in your favorite shirt is going to slowly get bigger and bigger, so it a hole in your screen. And, all it takes is for one hyperactive pet or curious kid to push that small hole too far and you’ll be dealing with your very own prison break! Too often small animals or even little kids realize that a small tear in a window screen can quickly become a new opening and they’re quick to jump on the opportunity to make their escape!
  4. Remove obstructions: Have your eyes ever been drawn to something that you just can’t seem to take them off of, no matter how hard you try? If you have rips and tears in your window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON, that’s exactly what’s going to happen each time you gaze out your window. Don’t let a blemish on your window screen affect your view of the outside world—especially not now that the seasons are at their most beautiful.

Having new window screens installed in your home takes little to no time at all and when properly put in place, they can improve your aesthetic immediately, not to mention keep your home safe from those things that want to get in and out of it unrestricted!

For more information about obtaining new window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON, please don’t hesitate to call Simply Interiors today—we’ll help you get the service you need and the finished window treatments that you want!

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