Using Kawartha Lakes Plantation Shutters to Open Up Your Home’s Possibilities

Plantation shutters were originally introduced to America by the Spanish—however, they were only called plantation shutters much later, as they were most prominently used and featured in southern plantations.

This particular type of shutter is becoming a more and more popular option when it comes to window treatments. These shutters are quite different from traditional shutters, as they have smaller, narrower louvers and they let in much more natural light: something that more home owners are placing a special emphasis on. Here are a few reasons to consider plantation shutters for your home.

Shutters that are versatile

These shutters bring a lot to the table. You can easily adjust them based on the time of day and your personal preferences.

Want to let the sun shine in? These shutters can easily be adjusted to accommodate your needs for natural light or so that you can see outside. Need some privacy? If so, the shutters can be simply closed to completely block out sight lines. Whatever the case may be, plantation shutters are an effective window treatment.

Often times it is also possible to have the top half and the bottom half of your plantation window separately controlled. This offers even more versatility, as you can choose to keep the top half open, while the lower half is closed or vice-versa.

A cost effective approach

As with any home improvement, budget and cost are always at the forefront. For Kawartha Lakes plantation shutters, it is no different. However, these window treatments are incredibly affordable, especially when considering the cost of many other window treatments, including custom draperies and traditional shutters. Considering the ease with which plantation shutters are installed and how simple they are to use, the shutters are incredibly cost effective.

Increase the value of your home

As opposed to draperies or currents, plantation shutters are added to the home and usually stay with the home, even if the owners are moving. These shutters are a desirable feature for homes to have, as their style is subtle, but the functionality and practicality are huge.

Plantation shutters are one of the few window treatments that actually add value to your home while also adding a functionality aspect as well. It’s a great investment both in the present and in the future; the present so that you can enjoy total ease when it comes to controlling the light and sight to the outdoors and the future, as it well give any home a better value in the long run.

Kawartha Lakes plantation shutters are great for any home, regardless of the style or decor currently existing. They offer a great way to give you more control over not only the amount of natural light you let into your home, but also provide a subtle, yet classy look to any aesthetic. Best of all, these shutters are relatively inexpensive and offer the potential of increased value for your home—something that is truly rare in the world of window treatments.

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