Awnings are in Season!

If you own a home or park your RV in Kawartha Lakes, awnings are a great way to increase your quality of life throughout the summer months. In fact, it’s the optimal time of year to think about implementing one of these great additions—the intense sunny weather has yet to set in, yet it’s warm enough to start spending your days outdoors.

Awnings are a great fit for virtually any residence because of their versatility and encompassing designs, which can serve any number of purposes as you see fit. From an awning that completely overhangs your porch, to protect you from the sun, to smaller Lindsey awnings that serve to keep the sun off of your home and from coming through your windows, finding the awning that’s right for you is one of the best things you can do during this time of year.

The sun, wind and rain

One of the common misconceptions that people have regarding awnings is that they’re largely ineffective when it comes to protecting a home from the elements. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however! Awnings do a tremendous job of protecting homes, outdoor space and people from the sun and rain alike, creating a space that’s versatile in any weather.

Consider this: you’re sitting on your patio, reading your favorite book on a hot summer day. The temperature is just right in the shade, but out in the sun, it’s easy to become overheated and sunburned. Extending your awning will give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, without the risk of harmful UV exposure. And, if the sun dips behind the clouds for a few hours, giving way to a light drizzle that would otherwise force you back inside, that same awning will allow you to keep enjoying your time outdoors!

But, despite being versatile in both sun and rain, people are often deterred from Lindsey awnings because they’re afraid of what the wind will do to their investment. This fear is also easily quelled, however! Today’s awnings are easily retractable and many come with wind sensors, which ensure that they’re retracted and safely stowed when the winds pick up, protecting the awning and your investment!

Easy installation

Even if your summertime plans include a large list of home maintenance items, it’s easy to get the awning you want. Too many homeowners feel as though deciding to add an awning to their home is another weekend wasted installing it—that’s why the professionals at Simply Interiors make it easy to get the awning you love by installing it for you! No more tinkering with complicated factory instructions or mistakenly skipping a step in the process—it’s as easy as scheduling an installation time and letting the pros do their thing!

There’s no reason not to consider a brand new awning for your this summer—with all of the benefits that are associated with one and the seamless installation provided by Simply Interiors, you’ll be able to enjoy yours in no time at all!

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