The Many Benefits of Awnings

Are you looking for an easy home improvement project to start your summer off with? The key word with a summer home improvement project is easy—who wants to start summer off with a kitchen demolition or a bathroom you can’t use for weeks? A summer project is best when it isn’t very difficult, not too expensive and the project is guaranteed to make your summer that much better.

Have any ideas yet? Well, you might already have new landscaping or a pool on your mind, but these can get pretty expensive. How about new gutters? Are these really going to give you any extra fun? Your best bet for a great home improvement project to start your summer with, is to upgrade your backyard with new awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON.

Get under an awning

Awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON provide homeowners with a whole bunch of great benefits, all for a reasonable price that’ll make a new pool or landscaping look like they cost a small fortune. If you never have considered installing an awning in your backyard, then you probably aren’t familiar with many of these benefits. If you are curious, then read below to find out more.

A space you can feel comfortable with

Usable outdoor spaces are the fad with home design specialists and home decorators this year. The idea is to create an area outdoors that is multi-functional and seems to be an extension from an indoor area. Homeowners can find a lot of enjoyment out of having this type of space, whether it is for relaxing or for entertaining large parties, and these spaces are also shown to increase home value and reduce the time it takes to sell a house.

Awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON can help you create the perfect usable outdoor space. An awning will make an outdoor area more comfortable, versatile, since you can retract it, and help protect from the elements so any outdoor furniture you put underneath it will be adequately protected. An awning is a perfect way to make your patio into a new living room.

Protection from the sun

A new awning will provide tremendous UV protection for whatever or whoever is located under it. This is important for people, so you don’t have to lather up in sunscreen lotion every time you want to sit in your backyard, and also for protecting outdoor furniture, wooden decks, or for keeping pavement cool so you can go barefoot without any problems.

The shade that keeps UV rays out also will help keep exterior walls cool as well. Especially if large portions of several walls are shaded, this will drastically reduce utility costs since your air conditioning will have to work less, since your walls won’t be baking in the sun all day. Awnings can protect both your skin and your wallet by providing just the right amount of shade.

Considering the low cost, easy installation, longevity and ease of installation, getting a new awning for your house is the perfect home improvement project to start your summer. Leave those gutters for fall and consider getting an awning today!

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