A Kawartha Lakes Awning Provides Enhanced Sun and Wind Protection

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your home’s comfort level, while also protecting it against the elements, you may consider a Kawartha Lakes awning to be a sound investment that pays dividends each time it’s in use. Not only will an awning allow you to enjoy the outdoors, without sacrificing your comfort to the whim of the weather, it’ll also give you a space that you can control when it comes to how you’d like to spend your time beneath it.

Two of the greatest factors that define a Kawartha Lakes awning are its sublime UV protection rating and its ability to sense the sun and the wind and retract or expand accordingly. How can these two features benefit you and your home? Take a look at why many homeowners are turning to awnings to help them enhance their quality of living:

UV protection

Everyone loves to get some sun once in a while, however sun exposure is a real problem at times—especially for those people that spend as much time as they can outdoors. If you’re someone who likes to curl up with a good book on the patio in the afternoon, host cookouts on your deck or garden under the hot summer sun, you’re bound to experience the effects of overexposure.

Awnings provide a great escape from the sun, without forcing you back indoors, but much more than that, they block UV rays that are truly damaging to your skin. What you may not realize is that UV rays are different than light rays and heat rays and frequently, even when you’re in the shade, your body absorbs these rays. A Kawartha Lakes awning actually prevents the rays from penetrating your shade via its tailored materials! In fact, UV protected awnings offer up to 98 percent better UV protection than other shade materials!

Sun and wind sensors

One of the best features about retractable awnings is their ability to be extended and retracted based on your need for them, allowing you to utilize them at your convenience. A Kawartha Lakes awning with built in sun and wind sensors takes this one step further, giving you the power to enjoy your awning without worrying about manually extending it.

Let’s say, for example, that winds have begun to pick up outside and you’re not quite sure if your awning can handle the gusts. With a wind sensor built right in, the guesswork of retracting your awning is eliminated—the device will kick in when the threshold for wind resistance is met, giving you peace of mind that it’s going to stay safe during a windstorm.

The same holds true for the sun sensor—your awning will extend to protect your patio or deck from the heat of the sun when it’s detected at the right levels. Convenient!

Added home value

By installing an awning that’s not only retractable, but one that has automatic sensors to engage the expansion or retraction on command, you’re able to increase the comfort level of outdoor living while enhancing the value of your home. Consider a Kawartha Lakes awning today if you’re seeking a home investment that keeps on giving back!

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