Replace Your Window Screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON Before Spring Rings In

The changing seasons mean more than just different weather patterns outside—a shift in seasons also means outfitting your home with the necessary measures to protect against the elements and anything else that could pose a threat to your home. And while many homeowners are getting their homes ready for springtime, too few remember that protecting your doors and windows reigns in near the top of the to-do list during transitioning seasons.

And while you may want to crack open those windows to let some fresh, springtime air in, make sure that your home is protected with window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON before you leave your windows open and vulnerable!

Bugs and pests

With springtime on the horizon, the waking season for all sorts of animals has also come. This resurge in activity means critters that are hungry, energetic and on the move—the last place you want them to explore is your home! Particularly when it comes to bugs and other small animals, like rodents, leaving your windows open and unprotected can serve to be an invitation for unwanted houseguests.

On the other hand, doing a cursory look at all of your home’s windows to ensure that there are screens intact will give you peace of mind about letting the springtime air flow into your home. With window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON, you’ll get all of the benefits of fresh air, without the worry of pests taking advantage of your home.


Spring can also be a blustery time of year, when all sorts of natural debris is kicked up into the air, landing wherever the wind finally leaves it. No homeowner wants to realize that their open window has become a final resting venue for natural debris, but if you leave your windows open and unprotected, that’s likely what will happen.

You see, wind picks up dirt, grit and other things like grass and leaves, flowing them from one location to another while the wind is active. However, if the wind blows these items into your home through an open window, they’ll be impervious to gusts that may have otherwise kept on carrying them. It’s easy for an open bedroom window to quickly become a depositing area for outdoor debris, leaving you with another mess to clean up after the window is closed.

Full window protection

The benefits of window screens in Kawartha Lakes, ON are limitless when it comes to giving your home and windows protection against the elements during a seasonal shift. It may seem like a simple, barely noticeable addition to your windows, but a screen in place will showcase its worth all season long.

If you notice that your existing screens have become worn, have holes in them or you’re lacking screens altogether, make sure you invest in some before spring truly arrives—your home will thank you and you’ll find that the changing seasons are a bit easier to enjoy from behind the safety of a window screen.

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