Using Awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON to Protect Your Deck

Many people correctly assume that an awning overhanging a deck is meant to provide shade and comfort to homeowners and friends who will be utilizing that outdoor space. While this is indeed true, it’s only one half of the true benefits that awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON provide once they’re properly installed—the other aspect that’s often not perceived is the protection that an awning is able to offer the deck itself. Aside from offering you the benefit of shade on a hot, summery day, an awning will also create a veil of protection over your deck that transcends weather to create a lasting impression of value.

Protection from the sun

Just as you’ll reap the benefit of shade from your awning while you’re socializing outside, your deck itself will also share in your comfort. No matter what stain you have on your deck, sealant used to coat it or wood type used to create it, sooner or later your deck will suffer the effects of prolonged sun exposure. Sun exposure fades stains, peels paint and sealant and can dehydrate your wood to the point of being brittle.

With an awning in place, overhanging your deck, you’ll be able to shield your deck from the direct sunlight that’s constantly bearing down on it—a feature that will end up extending its life and saving you the cost of having to seek deck-refinishing services in the future.

Keep in mind, awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON also protect more than just the area that they’re directly covering—as the sun moves in the sky overhead, it will cast shadows over your deck at different points in time thanks to the awning! Some parts, like those directly below the awning, will be better protected throughout the day, but any part benefitting from the shade of an awning will be better off than those parts left unprotected.

Protection from water and moisture

During the rainy season, awnings in Kawartha Lakes, ON also serve to protect your deck against water saturation. While many awnings are designed to be retracted during weather occurrences, there are many that are just fine when left to overhang your deck during a light summer storm. In effect, your awning will once again provide shelter to your deck.

Most decks are designed to be water resistant and repellent, however if your home’s roof drainage system is allowing water to feed directly down onto your deck, these areas can experience water saturation at undesirable levels. An overhanging awning, especially those that are reinforced for semi-permanent overhanging capabilities, will serve to divert these potential streams of water away from the areas of your deck that are susceptible to saturation.

The next time you’re considering investing in an awning for your comfort, consider that it’s also an investment for your deck, if you have one. An awning will shield it from the sun, mitigate water damage in a pinch and leave you with a better-looking deck that’s also more enjoyable under the shade of your awning.

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