Cellular Shades and How They Can Help During Winter

Keeping warm during winter is more than just putting the right clothes on and turning the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Maintaining a comfortable and livable temperature in a home is also dependent on how well the house keeps in the warm air, keeps out the cold breeze, and circulates air efficiently. There’s a vast gamut of ways to make a house more comfortable and keep the energy bills down during winter—it’s up to you as a homeowner to discover what’s right for you!

From expensive and time consuming projects, such as replacing existing windows or reinsulating the attic, to more affordable and easy measures, such as replacing your Kawartha Lakes window shutters or using plastic film over aging glass pieces—there is no shortage of strategies and methods to keep your interior warm. When it comes to all these methods to insulate your home and drive down your energy costs, some stand out as a nice balance between affordability, practicality, and overall results achieved.

Windows and shutters

Everyone might like new windows, but realistically you most likely need to set aside savings for a good period of time, shop around, and prepare yourself for such a large undertaking. Indeed some people have even replaced every window in their home and continue to look for ways to insulate their house and further reduce their energy costs. Thankfully a great product exists to strike a great balance between cost and results: your Kawartha Lakes window shutters.

An incredible advancement has occurred in Kawartha Lakes window shutters, and one any smart homeowner should consider before heading into the coldest part of the year. Cellular shades have hit the market with a storm of popularity and demand—if you haven’t heard of them, here is a quick summary of what they are:

Basically they look like regular new shades with all of the features you typically expect from new shades, yet are actually designed from special materials in a layered fashion. These layers are connected to one another in such a way to form cells. Cells trap in air and form an incredible barrier between a window and the inside of a room, especially as the number and thickness of the cells increase.

Trapping the warm air

Recent studies have proven the effectiveness of the cell air trapping method. Quickly becoming known as one of the highest energy rated types of shades, other shade types are quickly trying to catch up with the insulating power of them. Better yet, they are reasonably priced and don’t take much work to install. By coming in a variety of sizes, colors, and energy efficient ratings, they also have something to offer for everyone. As an added benefit to lowering your energy costs, they also are the best at reducing outside noises and are just as efficient as keeping light out as any other shade type.

Before the dead of winter sets in, consider cellular shades as an excellent and affordable way to keep your interior warm, lower your energy bills, and help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. As an added bonus, you can get some great looking, brand new blinds to spruce up any room of your house, all for a great price! So, look into cellular shades today and consider calling a professional for an estimate if you’re constantly searching for a way to maximize your home’s efficiency during the winter months.

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