How Kawartha Lakes Wood Shutters Can Keep You Warm on a Cool Winter Day

During the winter months, the goal of many homeowners remains the same: to stay as warm as possible, while maintaining the lowest utility costs possible. And while there’s only so much you can do in regards to keeping your thermostat low and your family bundled up, the possibilities are numerous when it comes to addressing your home’s windows. Windows remain one of the main areas of concern for homeowners because despite many efforts to keep them sealed, windows offer a readily available source of heat transfer out of your home.

How can you keep your heating costs low and your home warm during the winter with Kawartha Lakes wood shutters? Read on to find out!

Heat blocking properties

The first thing to note about Kawartha Lakes wood shutters is their composition—yes, they’re made out of wood! And while this fact may not be anything to get excited over, the properties of wood as an insulator are. Wood isn’t a good conductor: meaning that heat doesn’t move very well through wood and tends to stay on whichever side it’s introduced on. This means that if you have wood shutters closed across your home’s main windows, heat will be more likely to stay inside of your home, as opposed to leaving through the transparent window on the other side!

Using your wood shutters as a form of insulation at night, when the sun goes down and heat retention becomes harder, can mitigate the amount of heat that’s lost to transference through your windows. Any homeowner with cold spots near their living room or bedroom windows will know the all too familiar feeling of heat loss during the winter, so it’s important to do what you can to insulate these prone areas.

Airflow mitigation

When winter rolls in, it seems as though every insignificant imperfection of your home is amplified due to the cold. Homeowners with small cracks and loose seals around their windows can attest to this fact when they feel even the smallest breeze of cold air in their home. And while it can be expensive to fix your home’s windows—and highly unappealing to do so during winter—you can always attempt to stem the airflow in a variety of ways. If you seal your windows with plastic, another good idea is to install Kawartha Lakes wood shutters on that window as well.

Wood shutters are far sturdier than other types of vinyl or fabric shutters and can serve to block small airflows that may be letting cool air into your room. And while window shutters won’t solve your airflow problem entirely, they can serve to disperse cool air in a way that makes it much easier to manage in an entire room.

Wood wins out

If you’re seeking an aesthetic way to cover your windows that also has other beneficial properties, Kawartha Lakes wood shutters are the perfect option to consider. Not only will they look great on your windows and bring a sense of life into your room, they’ll also help you to keep a little warmer on those blustery winter days.

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