The Spice of Design: Kawartha Lakes Door Shutters

Patio doors are the gateway to the outside world for many homes and thus, don’t function in the same way as you might expect a front door to. The common perception of a door is something that’s used to keep things out, but patio doors challenge this perception by allowing things to float into your home: sunlight, smells and the allure of the outdoors. But, if your patio door is modeled after your front door—solid and unwelcoming—how are you supposed to invite in the various elements of the outdoors that make it so appealing?

Kawartha Lakes door shutters are the perfect innovation for homes that prefer that their patio door be a gateway, rather than a barrier. These shutters do a fine job at creating a design element in your home that flows seamlessly with the décor, yet acts as a passage to the outdoors. The end result is a feeling of inclusion that merges both outside and the interior of your home at a single point. That single point is easily entered and exited, giving you the full gamut of experiences that a traditional door cannot.

Where drapes and traditional blinds can close off your home to the outdoors, Kawartha Lakes door shutters reclaim this lost design element and allow you to recreate aesthetic designs that incorporate natural light and scenery into your everyday life. Picture your kitchen with traditional drapes: closed off to the world unless opened completely. Now, reimagine this visual with Kawartha Lakes door shutters and picture the light wafting lazily in through the shutters, even when the door remains fully closed. It’s this difference that drives homeowners to see the practicality of door shutters!

The other great feature that door shutters have to offer is their compact, unobtrusive design. Who can afford to have drapes in their kitchen with all of the activity that surrounds this epicenter of the home? Drapes are liable to become stained by a cooking experiment gone awry or damaged by children tugging at them to see the backyard and raucous animals that have just spotted another creature outside. Kawartha Lakes door shutters take these variables away and offer a simple solution that’s easy to clean, easy to manage and is extremely out of the way, leaving virtually no room for mishaps.

And lets not forget about the style and class that come with Kawartha Lakes door shutters. Designed to be minimalistic and highly aesthetic, these shutters are captivating enough to be a focal point in the room, yet flow easily enough as to not draw too much attention away from other areas of interest. Someone scanning your room for style will absolutely notice these units masking your patio door, yet won’t linger on them too much as to divert them away from the grand décor scheme that you’ve created.

Take a look at your current patio door coverage and ask yourself one simple question: “is this the right look for my home?” If you’re unsure or feel as though it could be improved to fit your tastes, consider looking at Kawartha Lakes door shutters to tie everything together.

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