How to Choose the Right Wood Grain for Orillia Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are one of the easiest and most natural-looking ways to breathe a breath of life into your home’s décor. Shutters themselves are a very classy addition to any room and can provide that space with a very simple accent that won’t go unnoticed each time you walk into the room. What’s more, when these shutters are comprised of real wood and tailored to the décor of the room, they can be a truly breathtaking addition overall.

But how do you know which Orillia wood shutters are the right ones for your home? Here are a few examples of common wood grain textures to complement the style and tone that’s unique to your tastes:

Natural Wood: Natural wood grain is one of the most versatile styles of Orillia wood shutters and can be used at great length to improve the flow of a room. Because the grain patterns of this wood style are very subdued and simple, they’ll act as an accent for everything around them. As an example, if you have a room with a bright accent wall—deep red, blue, green, etc.—and you implement natural wood style shutters against this color, the hues of the wall will become even more pronounced. The effect can be quite breathtaking, especially if your furniture is also pronounced against the simplicity of natural wood.

Black Walnut Wood: As the name implies, black walnut wood shutters tend to be one of the darker tones available for Orillia wood shutters. This wood grain style is one of classical appeal and is easily paired with a room that’s more traditional as opposed to contemporary. The striations of the wood are deep and pronounced within these shutters, thus drawing attention and appeal from someone surveying the room. The black walnut also sets a tone for the room overall: rustic, dark and cozy—especially if your décor is darker or more subdued.

Golden Oak Wood: Golden oak is vibrant and welcoming, making it great for rooms that have a lot of foot traffic or frequent occupancy. Because of the lively, golden color of this wood style, light is easily reflected to create a very warming sensation that’s spread throughout the room. The wood pattern is also very simple, allowing you to bring life into a room without detracting from the aesthetics that are already in place, such as the furniture or carpeting.

Light Oak Wood: One of the most complex wood patterns for Orillia wood shutters can be seen in the light oak variation. Extremely pronounced grain patterns and a light coloration make this style ideal for rooms that need a little extra effort in the way of décor. What’s more, because of the eye-catching appeal that these shutters can have, you’ll be able to create a focal point for a room that may lack one naturally. Welcoming and exuberant, light oak shutters are great for bathrooms, bedrooms and even sitting areas.

If you’ve been thinking about spicing up your home’s décor with a variation of Orillia wood shutters, make sure you know which kind of wood grain will most appeal to you! Picking the right style can instantly amplify your room’s offerings and will go a long way in displaying your home’s sophistication and class.

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